Momo-san to 7-nin no Papageno (2022)

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  • Title: ももさんと7人のパパゲーノ
  • Title (romaji): Momo-san to 7-nin no Papageno
  • Format: Tanpatsu
  • Genre: Drama
  • Episodes: 1
  • Duration (per episode): 59 min
  • Broadcast network: NHK
  • Broadcast date: 2022-Aug-20
  • Air time: Saturday, 23:00


Momo lives an ordinary life with work, a boyfriend, and her family. One day she suddenly takes time off from work. Momo goes on a journey to meet seven papageno who she met via social media. What they all have in common is a wish to die. Through the encounters Momo learns there’s more to live for.


Main Cast

  • Ito Sairi (伊藤沙莉) as Momo (25 years)

The Seven Papageno

  • Yamazaki Hirona (山崎紘菜) as Rei
  • Sometani Shota (染谷将太) as Yuta
  • Nakajima Sena (中島セナ) as Ochi Meiko
  • Hirahara Tetsu (平原テツ) as Omusubi
  • Nomaguchi Toru (野間口徹) as Ryo Papa
  • Asano Kazuyuki (浅野和之) as Yamaguchi
  • Iketani Nobue (池谷のぶえ) as Tsuda


  • Hashimoto Atsushi (橋本淳) as Nakahara (Momo’s boyfriend)
  • Horiuchi Keiko (堀内敬子) as Yuko (Momo’s mother)

Production Credits

  • Screenwriter: Kato Takuya (加藤拓也)
  • Executive Producer: Watanabe Yoshihiro (渡辺由裕)
  • Producer: Kurasaki Ken (倉崎憲)
  • Director: Goto Reia (後藤怜亜), Ozaki Hirokazu (尾崎裕和)
  • Music: Tanaka Fumihisa (田中文久)
  • Narrator: Furutachi Kanji (古舘寛治)


  • The term papageno effect originates from the opera The Magic Flute (Die Zauberflöte) by Mozart where Papageno thought of killing himself. He changed his mind after other characters gave him alternatives to solve his problems.

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