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Last updated: 2022-Sep-19

The History

D-Addicts was founded in November of 2003 by Ruroshin. In the beginning it started out as only an open tracker, a couple of months later a forum was added. DramaWiki and FansubWiki were both created in spring of 2005. As the years went by the site’s popularity and amount of content grew, all thanks to its uploaders, fansubbers and DramaWiki editors. In November of 2014 the founder decided to close the torrent section, and in September of 2018 a new owner under the same name took his place.

I have been an active member at D-Addicts since April of 2006. In January of 2014 I was asked if I wanted to become a moderator, an offer I accepted.

Forum: https://www.d-addicts.com/forums/
DramaWiki: https://wiki.d-addicts.com/Main_Page
Twitter: https://twitter.com/D_Addicts

Fansub Maps

  • https://fansub.d-addicts.com/Chinese_Drama_Fansub_Map
  • https://fansub.d-addicts.com/Jdrama_Fansub_Map
  • https://fansub.d-addicts.com/Kdrama_Fansub_Map

If you have any account related questions, problems with registration or login, please use the Contact Us form found at the bottom of each forum page.

When the forum is under maintenance you may still be able to access DramaWiki. and FansubWiki. You can also follow fansubbers’ websites and social media for updates about ongoing and future projects.

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